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New Elevators at City Hall

For those of you who go to City Hall, you're in for a new experience!

Riding the elevators at City Hall is about to be a faster, more efficient experience, thanks to new technology that's scheduled to activate on Jan. 22.

In addition to a better ride, the upgraded elevators will also meet standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act, addressing previous deficiencies. Customers with disabilities will press a special button so that they can be provided visual and audible prompts to follow. People with disabilities will also have additional time to reach and enter their assigned elevators.

The new system will group passengers traveling to common floors to optimize the efficiency of the elevator service. This will result in fewer stops, thus making for faster arrivals to the destinations you're seeking.

Touchscreen kiosks will be located on every floor. Passengers enter their destination floors and are directed to a specific elevator assigned for them. This grouping system is expected to reduce wait and travel times, potentially resulting in energy savings as well.

This upgrade is being funding out of the $800 million in bonds that Kansas City voters approved in April 2017. These bonds are designated to fund a capital improvements program for streets, sidewalks, flood control and other infrastructure needs like public buildings and facilities over the next 20 years. About $700,000 was set aside for this project.

For more information on the elevator upgrades and how to use, check out these links:


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