Residents urged to contact City Council this week.

This is a week of activism for many Kansas City Missouri Residents

Tomorrow, Wednesday at 1:30pm on the 26th floor of City Hall, Neighborhood Planning & Development Committee will take up discussion on Ordinance 210565 which seeks to amend Chapter 74, Code of Ordinances (which pertain to the creation of Community Improvement Districts, or CIDs) and includes many of the reforms that our Neighborhood Association has been advocating for since 2016.

The full text of the ordinance can be read here.

Testimony can be sent via email to:

Our board feels that the concerns that we have expressed over the years, while opposing various single-owner CIDs in our neighborhoods, layered on top of existing CIDs, have been heard by Councilwoman Andrea Bough and are reflected in this Ordinance. We appreciate the research that was done with the auditor’s office and the time that has been taken to get feedback.

Some of the more favorable points that this ordinance included (and should remain) are:

  • Sec. 74-303. Restrictions on Establishment of a CID (a) Overlap; (b) Board Composition; (c) Term; (d) Community Benefits for CIDs; (e) Pre-Existing Blight and (f) Interior Private Blight

  • Sec. 74-305. Fees and Fines (b) Fines and (c) Ineligibility

All of these points combine to make a more equitable process for the residents in which these CIDs are established, and we are urging the committee to vote YES to send this out of committee.

Also of note, the issue of pallet houses is to be discussed although there is a lot of variability to the information that was first sent out. We have not seen the updated language of any amendments but it has a companion Ordinance 210445 which is "Authorizing the City Manager to enter into contracts with Merging KC, Inc. for construction and associated services of Verge--A Pallet Community, that will consist of temporary shelters for approximately 200 beds and related offices for security, medial and other services"

That Ordinance is 210643 and we first wrote about it HERE.

The full language of the ordinance can be read here.

The full language of the committee sub to Ordinance 210445 can be read here.

This is also supposed to be heard at tomorrow's committee meeting.