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WTNA Officers for 2023-2024

  • President - Angie Lile

  • Vice President - Eric Gunderson

  • Communications - Erin Buek

  • Finance Director - Elizabeth Hollins

  • Marketing Director - Frank Sereno

  • Membership Activities - Helen Faubion

  • Archivist - Jon Pratt

  • Public Affairs - Natalee Forbes

  • At-Large - Mary Cary

  • At-Large - Tiffany Moore

The Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association (WTNA) is not a traditional “Homes Association.” Rather, it is an active group of volunteers and neighbors whose passion is to create the best neighborhood possible and to be a part of a support network that helps others. Our boundaries include approximately 3,300 homes, making it the largest neighborhood in Kansas City.


The mission of the WTNA is to provide mutual benefits to members.

Additionally, WTNA has been organized:


  • To promote the general welfare of the neighborhood;

  • To protect the general health and welfare of its members;

  • To cultivate and promote attractive, well-kept homes and buildings;

  • To support municipal services of public safety, neighborhood improvement, and recreational activities and facilities;

  • To promote crime prevention programs and activities; and

  • To collect annual dues from members to provide a general fund to pay operating costs, fees, and expenses of the Association.


Many of these expenses increase each year, including the costs to send out communications to such a large area. We try to reach all 3,300 homes, but only about 200 residents are active WTNA members and that barely covers our operating budget.


Memberships allow us to provide our Dumpster Days twice a year, which we learned was a service that our members highly valued. We continually seek to expand these types of events and more opportunities for our residents to find value in their community. Please consider becoming a member today!

Our Bylaws

On September 20, 2017, a vote was held to change the official name of our organization to the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association. Our bylaws were revised and adopted by majority vote on January 13, 2018.


Click here to download a .pdf of our current bylaws. 

Our History

The Waldo Tower Neighborhood was first established in 1947 as the Tower Homes Association, named after the water tower located in Tower Park at 75th and Holmes Road. 


Access our historical archives including old newsletters, historical info, pictures and more... (coming soon)


West: Our western boundary extends along Wornall Road from Gregory Blvd. to the north side of 85th Street.

East: The eastern boundary runs along Troost Ave. from Gregory Blvd. to 79th street and runs along Holmes from 79th Street to the north side of 85th Street.

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