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At any give time there are a number of projects underway within and adjacent to the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association boundaries. Learn more below and click the links for the project webpage.

KCMO Sidewalk Prioritization Plan

The City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) Sidewalks Prioritization Plan needs your input and participation! The purpose of this project is to evaluate the condition of the sidewalk network and make a plan for investing in City sidewalks. Sidewalks will prioritize based on proximity to important destinations, community priorities, numbers of people walking and biking, history of crashes, and equity.

Get involved and provide feedback! Attend an open house, complete the online survey and learn about the project timeline on the website.


Wornall and 75th Road Improvements

Wornall Road is just east of Leawood and runs parallel to the Missouri/Kansas border. This project will evaluate the traffic capacity, safety, and walkability of the intersection of 75th Street and Wornall. The City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) aims to completely reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th Street to 79th Street. Roadway improvements include:

  • Newly reconstructed roadway

  • Trolley Track Trail extension from 74th to 75th Street

  • Improved traffic flow

  • Pedestrian accommodations

  • Parking lot modifications at 75th and Wornall Rd.

  • New, interconnected signals

  • Coordination with the KCMO Smart Sewer Program-- Green Infrastructure

  • New sidewalk along 79th St. 

  • New LED streetlights 

  • Water main replacement on Wornall Rd. from 75th to 77th Street

View the project plan set map and profile (as of January 2021). Learn more about the Wornall and 75th Road Improvements.

Gregory Boulevard Road Improvements

This project will add Complete Streets, traffic calming and streetscape improvements to Gregory Boulevard from Wornall Road to Oak Street in the Waldo neighborhood.  Improvements include: 

  • The addition of traffic calming elements

  • A road diet (reduction of vehicular traffic lanes)

  • Bike facilities

  • Improved access to Trolley Track Trail

  • Curb extensions/bulb outs

  • Landscaping

  • Green infrastructure in partnership with KC Water and the Smart Sewer Program 

Learn more about the Gregory Boulevard Road Improvements.

Trolley Track and Blue River Trail Connector

This project is to establish a connection between the Blue River Trail at the Blue River and Prospect to the end of the Trolley Trail at 85th and Prospect. This will be a side use trail on the west side of Prospect. This will connect to the trailhead of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) for the Trolley Track Trail at 85th and Prospect. The trail is 0.75 miles long.

Learn more about the Trolley Track and Blue River Trail Connector.

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