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Bestbox Storage to replace Maaco building in Waldo

A new storage facility is being planned with entrances from 73rd Terrace and 73rd Street.

The old Maaco building has been empty for quite some time and a target for vandalism in the neighborhood. But will a new 4-story warehouse facility be a good replacement?

While the building will seem to be 3 stories when you are driving along Wornall Road, you will definitely notice this new building.

Once concern that has been voiced at our recent general meeting was that a traffic study should be done to make sure that site can handle large trucks pulling in and out of that property onto residential streets. Especially the 73rd street location (where people are often trying to get out of Sutherlands).

Below are the plans that have been submitted to the City Plan Commission which is set to meet on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. We are not entirely sure if this will be on the agenda.

Download PDF • 6.25MB

210668 - Preliminary Plans
Download PDF • 10.24MB

20220111 Waldo Storage_Landscape_R1-LDP-1
Download PDF • 386KB

This new building will stretch behind the houses located on the north side of 73rd Terrace.

People who want to weigh in on this project should reach out to Genevieve Kohn with City Planning to ask questions or give feedback. Please also copy us at and Councilwoman Andrea Bough.


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