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Bingham Lot update 9-12-19

We heard from KCPS regarding a request by the new construction company, Rodriguez Mechanical, to use the Bingham Lot for the large pipe that has to be installed from State Line to Troost along 75th Street. Click Here to view the construction update website.

The request was a continuation in the use we've seen (Blue Nile was using it prior to that) and we made note of the long grass and un-kept property. We also made note that our neighborhood kids weren't able to use the ball field all summer.

Rodriguez Mechanical is new to the neighborhood and promises to be a better neighbor and communicator. We know that the pipe has to go somewhere and since this is how the property has been used for at least a year, we didn't see a reason not to let them continue on the condition that they mow the property and restore the ball-field back to public use by Spring.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us so that we can reach out directly to Rodriguez.

Please note that there will be a meeting every Tuesday, at 11am, at 7222 Wornall Road where Rodriguez Mechanical, Public Works and KCMO Water will be available to give weekly updates on the construction and address any concerns. This is mostly for business owners so please call ahead if you need to attend because the space is not large!


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