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Eight neighborhoods using cameras to tackle illegal dumping

Eight midtown neighborhoods are using technology to fight the illegal dumping that continues to happen right in their own backyards. These neighbors are preparing to deploy nearly 30 hidden cameras to catch illegal dumpers in the act. Illegal Dumping Investigator Alan Ashurst and leaders from the eight neighborhoods are meeting Thursday, Nov. 15, at 3 p.m. at the city’s Emergency Operations Center, 635 Woodland Ave. (Independence Ave. and Woodland). The neighborhoods bought the cameras and asked Ashurst to lend his expertise to their effort. “This is great,” Ashurst said. “These neighborhoods are frustrated with illegal dumping and they’re taking action.” Ashurst uses similar cameras at illegal dumping hot spots across the City. However, these cameras have transmitting capabilities, allowing the neighborhoods to log in and view the images in real time. “I am ecstatic,” said John James, one of the project organizers. “We (the eight neighborhoods) are uniting against illegal dumping!” 

In addition to cameras already deployed by the City, residents can also help fight illegal dumping by calling the City’s hotline: 816-513-DUMP (3867). The tips shared for investigators on this hotline will be confidential.


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