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Free STD Testing Services Available

Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest city in Missouri by area with the most population. Like most large cities, sexually transmitted diseases present an increasingly prevalent public health crisis. According to the most recent data released by the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department on its Community Health Assessment dashboard, KCMO is in the middle of an STD outbreak, potentially due to behavioral, social, and economic factors.

For too long STD have been stigmatized, which unfortunately leaves people without the knowledge and access to the care they need.

A team of researchers and medical experts at investigated the rising number of STD cases in Kansas City, and believes there are two immediate problems that need to be addressed: education and accessibility.

In order to help solve these issues, they created a comprehensive resource, which features a directory of local non-profit organizations in Kansas City that provide a wide range of free health-care services to help stop the spread of STDs in the community.


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