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Free Trees for KCMO Residents

In partnership with KC Parks and Recreation Department, Heartland Tree Alliance with Bridging the Gap are planting FREE trees in the Waldo/Tower Homes neighborhood!

Every resident in the City of Kansas City, Mo. is eligible to receive a free tree planted in the right-of-way through a partnership with KCMO Parks and Rec. Trees are planted along the street right-of-way, which is typically 10-15 feet from the street.

There is no cost to you – except for water! The tree, mulch, watering bag, and labor to plant the tree are provided (total value of +$400)! The only requirement is to water the tree weekly for its first two years. Benefits include an increase in property values, beautification, decrease in utility bills, and increase shade - for both current and future generations!

To learn about the steps to sign up for a tree, visit the Trees for KCMO webpage.

For more information, email:


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