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Help us plan a Halloween Event at Tower Park!

The Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association is planning a family-friendly outdoor event at Tower Park on the evening of Saturday, October 30th.

The idea is to rent large tents (similar to what is at the Waldo Fall Festival only with sides) and allow teams to come together and compete for various prizes (and a grand prize) by decorating their tent to allow kids (and/or adults) to go through the tent (like a haunted house, but Covid-friendly).

At this point we are asking residents and business owners to let us know how interested they would be in either planning, attending or sponsoring this event.

The Waldo Neighborhood has not had an organized Halloween event in several years so let's make this FUN and SAFE. Please fill out this form (linked below) to register your interest! We're hoping to have our first planning meeting on Tuesday night, May 25th.


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