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Kansas City Public Schools seek public input for Blueprint 2030.

As KCPS continuously works to improve our school system to better serve all students, we need feedback from the community to help guide our efforts. We have several opportunities for community members to help shape the future of KCPS but we need your help getting the word out about these opportunities and to encourage the community to participate.

Parent Survey:  KC has a lot of school choice (school districts on both sides of the state line, charter schools,  private/parochial schools, home schooling). As KCPS works to improve our school system, we need to better understand what drives school enrollment/transfer decisions in the KC region. The survey is available in English/Spanish/Burmese/Swahili and will be open for a few more weeks.  In addition to the survey link, I’ve attached the flyer in English and Spanish that can be shared via social media/newsletters.

Focus Groups: Hanover Research, a 3rd party market research firm, will be conducting focus groups with parents, community partners, education funders, and staff to better understand their perceptions of KCPS, what drives enrollment decisions, and what the school system can do to attract/retain families. The focus groups will take place February 18-20.  Individuals interested in participating in a focus group can sign-up here:

Blueprint 2030 Website: Please visit our dedicated Blueprint 2030 website for information regarding surveys, focus groups, reference documents and timelines:


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