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KCPS School Board Candidates

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

The entire school board is up for re-election on April 2nd.

The Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association recently hosted the candidates for KCPS school board for Sub-District 1 and Sub-District 5 since our residents reside in both.

The video can be seen below:

For the Waldo neighborhood, Sub-District 1 runs from 85th street on the south, all the way up past Gregory to the North. The eastern boundary is a mix between Main streets and Grand. Anything east of there would be in Sub-District 5. Here is an image that was shared of Sub-District 1:

Shared by Matt Oates, candidate for re-election to Sub-District 1

Here is a link to each candidate's online platform (if they have one):

Sub-District 1:

Sub-District 5:

Mark Wasserstrom - nothing online

KCUR did a great write-up covering all of the school board candidates-

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