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Landlord & Renters Efficiency Events

Metropolitan Energy Center, a non-profit hub for energy efficiency, invites you to a workshop for renters and tenants.

Learn how to save on your utilities, improve overall health, and what your rights are as a tenant.

Some of the topics you can expect to be covered:

-How to lower your utilities in low & no-cost effective ways

-How to discuss energy efficiency upgrades for your building

-Rights, policies and regulations you have as a renter with KC Tenants

-Utility assistance programs

-Rebates, audits and more available services

-How to understand your utility bill

Metropolitan Energy Center invites landlords and property managers to attend an informational event for those looking to learn more about retaining tenants, lowering communal energy costs, or replacing old appliances and systems with rebates and incentives.

Cut bills by 20-40%, ensure healthy environments, maintain compliance with Kansas City, MOs Benchmarking Ordinance, and more with this 1-Day Landlord Energy Efficiency Summit.

Topics to Covered:

- Benefits of Energy Efficiency in the Rental Environment

- Rebates/Financing Efficiency Projects

- Utility Incentives

- Engaging Tenants in Energy Efficiency Measures

- Kansas City, MO Benchmarking Ordinance & EnergyStar Portfolio Manager

- Audits & ROI


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