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[VIDEO] November 14, 2020 - GENERAL MEETING

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This is a recording of our meeting from Zoom.

This video is a recording of our zoom meeting from November 14, 2020. We heard updates on crime as well as an update on the city's effort to reform Community Improvement Districts. We also heard about the new 2021 Discount Card!

Our guest speaker was Ben McCabe, Public Works Project Manager, who spoke about the public engagement phase of the Gregory Boulevard Improvement Project. The project received a second round of PIAC funding for construction and is in the process of engaging the business and neighborhood organizations immediately adjacent to the project. 

Ben walked us through the current design, some recent additions to meet the needs of business owners along the route, and the potential construction timeline.

For agenda items at our next meeting on January 9, 2020, please email


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