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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Get informed before you vote with this handy voting guide from the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association.

The Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association held an informational town hall on October 23, 2018 where they invited experts from both sides of the ballot issues for the upcoming election to inform our audience as to what the issue is about.

Much of the Constitutional Amendment issues (which can be viewed here) do not include the entire amendment and statistics leading to its creation so the speakers were able to illuminate us on what and why they were on the ballot.

The Jackson County Questions in particular are quite confusing and once you hear some of the explanations to them, one wonders if they should even be on the ballot. We'll let you watch the videos to decide for yourself.

Following is a list of video links to each issue that was discussed at the town hall, which was broadcast live to the Facebook Page:

Constitutional Amendment 1 and Proposition B (WATCH NOW-CLICK HERE)

If you need help understanding where to go vote, we have some handy maps on our website located here.

Also, since the town hall did not discuss the Judges that were listed, we are providing you with resources to do your own investigation:

(2) The KCUR article actually brings up the 2nd resource, which was turned into us last night, from the Judicial Review committee findings. You can see what they have to say about the judges on our ballot by clicking here.

Finally, we want to thank you for taking the time to really dig in to the ballot and care about the issues. We encourage you find out more about the volunteers behind the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association and get involved in some of the neighborhood activities.


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