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Results Now Available from KCMO Resident Work Sessions

Four Public Budget Hearings will be held in February and March to get feedback on the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.

There were three 2018 Resident Work Sessions held throughout the City last August with the feedback being used to help with updating the Citywide Business Plan.

These sessions consisted of two components. First was the "Pick Your Priority" exercise in which residents progressively chose which of two programs they considered a higher priority until only one program remained, each program representing an objective in the Citywide Business Plan.

Next, residents participated in focus groups to discuss their experiences in Kansas City. Notes from these sessions were compiled and distributed to KCMO City Council as they considered changes to the 2018 Update of the Citywide Business Plan.

You can find a summary of these conversations and outcomes, as well as a more complete description of the Resident Work Sessions, included as an Appendix of the recently published 2018 Update of the Citywide Business Plan. Full notes from focus groups and more information regarding public participation in the budgeting process can also be found on the City’s website.

Our participation in the City’s public engagement activities is important because our input is carefully considered in decision making. There will be four Public Budget Hearings in February and March and we hope you will join us to provide feedback on the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget.


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