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[VIDEO] General Meeting 9/14/19

In this video we discuss various neighborhood announcements and events including:

  1. Crime and Safety update. Make sure you are locking your car doors.

  2. In case you missed it, Waldo is under construction. The new contractor that is putting in the water main (as we speak) is Rodriguez Mechanical. They will be at the Waldo Area Business Association every Tuesday at 11am along with KCMO public works and other KCMO Water.

  3. The Bingham Lot has been held hostage by Blue Nile for a year for the Wornall Road project and now there is a new need to use it for the 75th Street and Wornall intersection work. The new company, Rodriguez Mechanical, and specifically, Joe Rodriguez, have promised to be better neighbors than Blue Nile. They will cut the grass and maintain the fence as well as repair and restore the use of the baseball diamond by Spring. Angie has his number so please let us know of any concerns on that lot from here on forward.

  4. September 17- After-hours meet and greet with 6th District Council reps Andrea Bough and Kevin McManus at Bier Station.

  5. September 18 - Digital Billboard Ordinance and the Non-Conforming Lots Ordinance will be heard at 1:30pm Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee Meeting, 26th Floor.

  6. September 21 - Waldo Fall Festival at 75th and Wornall (CVS Parking Lot), volunteers are needed to sit at our table from Noon to 3pm or split the shift (Noon to 1:30pm, 1:30pm to 3pm)

  7. September 21 -Landlords Efficiency Panel by Metropolitan Energy Center, a non-profit hub for energy efficiency, invites you to a workshop for renters and tenants. 10am to 1pm at Kauffman Foundation (registration in advance from our website).

  8. September 21 - Free personal safety/Self defense class in Brookside from 2pm to 4pm at United Studios of Self Defense. Please register in advance (816) 437-8762

  9. October 12 - Fall Dumpster Day at South-Broadland Presbyterian Church from 8am to Noon - First come, first served. Only one flat-bed trailer-sized “haul” per membership please let us know if you would like to volunteer.

  10. Finance update for Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association

  11. Special Guest: Overview of new development happening to the old Ice House building (also known as Waldo Antiques) by Diane Botwin.

  12. Special Guests: Overview from various neighborhood leaders to discuss why they are against the new billboard ordinance. Out Front media did not show.

  13. Video Presentation from Westside Neighborhood regarding the changes to our codes regarding non-conforming lots and how it affects people especially with a zero-lot-line house. To see the video on YouTube-

  14. Special Guests: Introduction by Cindy Adams who represents our district on the Metropolitan Community School Board.


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