[VIDEO] July 13, 2019 General Meeting

In this video- News and Updates:

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Announcements and Neighborhood News

There was a meeting last week to discuss new updates to the South Oak Park retention basin area which outlined a project date from now through December 2020 and included closing the park during part of this time. We are working to get a copy of the plans.

  • July 13 - 8am to 11am, Brookside Shred Event

  • July 16 - 9am Meeting to discuss a revision to the billboard ordinance at City Plan Commission, 26th Floor. Click Here to View the Ordinance online.

  • July 20 - Cleaver Family YMCA and Academie Lafayette Cleanup Day. 8am to 12pm at the YMCA on Troost.

  • July 29 - New extended deadline to appeal your Jackson County Property Tax assessment. A hearing to consider a new proposal to cap assessments that were 200% or more at 14% is set to happen on July 18th with the Jackson County Board of Equalization.

  • August 2nd - August 4th- Missouri Sales Tax Exemption Holiday - https://dor.mo.gov/business/sales/taxholiday/school/

  • September 14 - Our next general meeting and annual election - we need nominations for folks interested in serving with us.

  • September 21 - Waldo Fall Festival at 75th and Wornall (CVS Parking Lot), volunteers needed to sit at our table.

  • September 21 -Landlords Efficiency Panel by Metropolitan Energy Center, a non-profit hub for energy efficiency, invites you to a workshop for renters and tenants.

  • October 12 - Fall Dumpster Day at South-Broadland Presbyterian Church from 8am to Noon

  • October 12- Tenant/Renters Efficiency Panel by Metropolitan Energy Center

VOLUNTEERS are needed to help us keep up with communications and planning events. Please see a volunteer if you are interested in playing a crucial role in these events.

Special Guest from KCATA re: RideKC

Survey is available online at http://ridekcnext.org

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