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Alliance for Economic Inclusion and Money Smart KC are working to increase financial education.

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

The Alliance for Economic Inclusion and Money Smart KC representatives have sent replication information to all Money Smart Week initiatives in multiple states.  This outreach was in response to many inquiries from Money Smart Week initiatives across the nation wanting to expand their program. 

AEI and Money Smart KC representatives also met with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago as they currently manage the National Money Smart Week initiative.  The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago was very interested in the 2018 playbook replication modelwhich addresses initiatives supported by the AEI and Money Smart KC partnership.    

To date:

1. The Money Smart KC calendar is averaging 234 classes and events per month.  It is visited thousands of times monthly.  Please don’t forget to add your class or event

2. The Money Smart KC volunteer tab has been utilized thousands of times.  We have listed multiple volunteer opportunities for individuals to get involved with financial education opportunities throughout Metropolitan Kansas City.  It is the goal of the AEI and Money Smart KC to encourage 2,000 volunteers a year to volunteer five separate times.  This will result in 10,000 volunteer opportunities annually in Metropolitan Kansas City.

3. Money Smart KC is looking for final comments about the new provider sections located on the Money Smart KC website.  We want to ensure all local and national resources are included.

4. Finally what are you doing this summer?  Please check out the Fun and Free in KC topic.  We combined 29 Kansas City Metro event and calendar websites into one page of things to do!  There is a special section for families and youth that outline free fun activities every day!

Please reference the Money Smart KC website to your neighbors, friends, students, congregations, etc. 


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