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Help youth in foster care on Giving Tuesday

A message from Cornerstones of Care (Gillis Campus)

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving back, where millions come together to support charities. Because of your past support on Giving Tuesday, we’ve been able to: Provide suits for 75 boys for court, church and special events.Provide $50 grocery and gas cards to 70 foster families and young adults.Establish a field trip fund so children in our care could attend a baseball game, go bowling, see a movie or even visit a local attraction – possibly for the first time in their lives! Our goal this year is to raise $3,000 to place 9 youth in loving foster homes. So, what can you do?

Make a $50 gift on Tuesday, November 27. If everyone pitches in even a little, we’ll be able to help place children who need a loving family in a healing home. A donation of any amount, whether small or large, is a step toward our goal!

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@OurCornerstones is raising $3,000 to place 9 children in loving foster homes. Join me in helping provide safe homes, healing and hope for children who have experienced trauma. #GivingTuesday #FosterCare If you have any questions, email Matt at Thank you for partnering with us for safe and healthy communities!


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