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JAN 3 - SmartSewer Meeting Video


This is a meeting to get an update on the SmartSewer project coming through Waldo, specifically a retention basin being planned at South Oak Park.

When complete, this project will help protect our community's environment by reducing the frequency of combined sewer overflows in the area (and are required by KC's federally mandated Consent Decree).

A link to the project specs for South Oak Park can be found here-

Learn more about the Smart Sewer project here-

The following update was shared on NextDoor-

Waldo area residents and business owners: We’ve received several questions about this project, and want to share additional details with you in advance of the public meeting scheduled for January 3.

Set to begin in South Oak Park this January, the purpose of the Diversion Structure 068 Storage Basin and Sewer Rehabilitation Project is to make important improvements to the stormwater collection system in the park, including replacement and realignment of the existing sewer system and the construction of a 3 million-gallon open storage basin.

The storage basin will capture stormwater during heavy rain events (which typically occur fewer than 10 times per year) so that stormwater doesn’t overflow the park, streets or property in your neighborhood.

The basin will drain via a controlled release back into the sewer system within 24 hours of each storm’s passing. In addition to these sewer improvements, trail enhancements including connecting the park to the Trolley Trail are being proposed. The work will take place in the treed area on the western side of the park (see map of project area), and many trees will be removed.

However, a buffer of trees between the park and facility will remain. The ballfield, existing trail, and the playground will not be disturbed by the project, and the playground will remain open during construction.

All of the work will occur on City-owned property and no residential properties will be disturbed.


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