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Get informed about the ballot for the November 5th election

We held a town hall on October 15th to inform people about the upcoming ballot on November 5th. Click here to see a sample ballot.

We heard from Terry Rynard, Director or KCMO Parks, about Questions 1-4 and then we heard from the proponents of Question 5, Save the Paseo.

The opponents of Question 5, KC Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd National Coalition, canceled at the last minute so we weren't able to have the two-sided discussions that we would have liked.

We DID, however, located a KCUR interview online that had both sides represented, as well as a two-sided non-partisan forum presented by the League of Women Voters. We hope you find use from any of this info we have shared.

We'll see YOU at the polls!

Want to check your voter registration and your polling location? This link will get you there.


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