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Rental property owners need to register property information by Jan. 31

If you own rental property in Kansas City, Missouri, it's time to start thinking about updating your registration.

The registration period starts Dec. 1 and you have until Jan. 31, 2019, to make sure all your information is current and properly filed with the City. 

This annual registration of rental property is part of the Rental Registration and Inspection Program the City established 11 years ago.

“This registry is an important tool for the City to help neighborhoods fight blight and negative factors affecting their community,” said Mayor Pro Tem and 1st District At-Large Councilman Scott Wagner. “Knowing who the responsible parties are allows us to work toward solutions more quickly before problems get worse.”

Rental property owners are required to register with the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department each year and registration can be completed online  at the city's website. Owners need to create a login before their rental property can be registered. Failure to register rental property results in monthly fines and administrative fees.

Vacant rental property also needs to be registered  online with the City.


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