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The Adopt-A-Street program is where individuals, business groups, or organizations take the responsibility of picking up litter on a specific section of roadway, streets, and/or neighborhoods.

The Adopt-A-Street street program application begins by contacting the Program Coordinator at (816) 960-6813 or by emailing A member of our staff will discuss with you which street(s) or areas are available, and send you a Program Guide to complete.

After completion of the application, arrangements will be made with your contact person to finalize the adoption. The application form is available and may be reviewed by going to the Adopt-A-Street web site at

You may also download the 19-page application here:

Download PDF • 295KB

After the completed and notarized application is received, reviewed and accepted by one of our staff, the first clean-up should be done within (30) days of the effective date of the agreement.

An approximate (1) mile clean-up distance is recommended. This recommended distance is approximately (10) blocks. Agreement is for (3) clean-ups per year for (2) years.

The agreement contains the following forms: (1) Application Acceptance and Conditions Form, (2) Non-Suit Form, (3) Recognition Sign Request Form, ad (4) Safety Orientation pages.

After clean-ups, a Hold Harmless / After-Clean-Up form must be completed.

Clean-Up Forms (DB)
Download PDF • 25KB

This form includes: (1) Name of the Group Leader, (2) the business or organization name, (3) the adopted street or neighborhood area, (4) number of hours worked, (5) names of each person in the clean-up, (6) the total number of participants, number of bags collected, and (7) the number of “other” items collected (such as tires, bulk items, furniture, etc.).

Effort to centralize collected bags will be appreciated.

Within (1) business day after clean-up, the Adopt-A-Street coordinator must be notified via email, regular mail, hand delivery, or fax that the clean-up has been completed. Staff will coordinate by location the number of bags to be picked up.

*** The above is a program overview, and is intended to contain the basic processes for program participation.


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