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Meeting to discuss Wornall Village CID

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

There are plans currently in the works to renovate the Price Chopper at 85th Street and Wornall Road. The plans have been in place since the beginning of the year but recently the funding source changed and the developer is now asking to form a Community Improvement District.

Many residents are upset because there is already a 1% sales tax for the Waldo CID in this location and this new CID, the Wornall Village CID, would add an additional 1% sales tax. This means anyone who shops in that area would be paying 2% sales tax in order to fund the renovations.

This might be okay for some residents, but voters should know that the sales tax can be used for anything and without any public oversite and there are no active rules for dissolving a CID once it has been formed. As a matter of fact, a scathing report was recently released about the overuse of CIDs by Missouri State Auditor, Nicole Galloway that you can read here.

A public meeting has been called by the West Waldo neighborhood where the property is located, and residents in the area are encouraged to attend. Here is a link to the formal proposal before City Hall.

WHERE: Armour Heights Baptist Church, 7900 Jarboe Street WHEN: December 15th, 10am


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