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New Landing Page for All Things Warming Center Related

The Scott Eicke Warming Center at Bartle Hall now has a comprehensive landing page for all things related to volunteers and donations. This landing page includes expanded and detailed volunteer opportunities as well as information regarding donations, including a regularly updated ‘greatest need’ section.

The Scott Eicke Warming Center, located in Bartle Hall, is a historic joint effort between the City of Kansas City, Mo., grassroots community organizers, and local nonprofit and outreach organizations. The Warming Center is not just a place for people experiencing houselessness to sleep and eat during freezing weather. Here we create space centering the voices, power, and lived experiences of houseless people while working to end the violent cycle of houselessness.

Volunteers Needed Please click here to volunteer. All job descriptions and time slots are available on sign-up genius when clicking the link.

Volunteer Instructions read before going to Warming Center Map (Bartle Hall).

Donations Needed Donations can be taken daily from 12-2 p.m. Information on Donations Here is a list of donations in addition to what is needed down below.

All donations are to be dropped off at 13th & Central (2100 Lobby). Here is an updated list of items (2/15/21) that are needed:

  1. Sleeping bags

  2. Thermal or outdoor socks

  3. Thermal shirts and pants

  4. Snow boots or shoes that are insulated and waterproof

  5. Winter hats

  6. Heavy winter coats

  7. Men and women underwear

  8. Backpacks

  9. Any warm clothing, layering to keep them warm

Monetary Donations For all monetary donations, click here. Contact Julie Shippy at for a receipt or if you have any questions.


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